About Me

My massage style is eclectic.  With over Twenty years of Massaging(!) I have learned that the human body is amazing, serving us with a healthy function of grace and strength.  Conversely, the unbalanced body functions with compensation and pain.  I've completed hundreds of hours of continuing education primarily in the areas of Active and Passive Stretching, Neuro- and Musculoskeletal Massage, Shiatsu and Thai Massage.  By incorporating stretch, contraction, movement and compression, I work to re-educate the soft tissue to regain its freedom.  Thus, breaking the pain-spasm-pain cycle.  

Massage should no longer be thought of as a luxury or treat, but as a treatment, an essential part of your lifestyle and healthcare choices.  It is an investment toward a long, healthy functioning body and mind.

Massage therapy sessions are tailored to each client's needs.  Deep Tissue may be needed in the neck and back, wheras relaxation to head and limbs may be more appropriate.  Intake time is always provided to decide on areas which may be in need of the most attention.