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If you are thinking about massage; and have never received a massage before then read on.  For those of you who have received massages in the past; this is great information for you too.  I believe Massage is more than a treat; it's a treatment.  The health benefits are many.  Increased circulation provides increased oxygenation to soft tissue and releases toxins built up in muscle fibers.  The power of touch lowers heart rate and blood pressure.  It also kicks in the 'rest and digest' parasympathetic nervous system.  It's normal for your stomach and intestines to relax.  Do not feel embarassed by any noises your body makes during the treatment.  Massage relieves headaches reduces stress, anxiety and tension.  You are in a non-judgement zone.  My use of passive stretches incorporated in the work enhance range of motion, muscle flexibility, power and performance.  Massage shortens recovery time of muscle, tendon and ligament injuries.  

Massage is intended to help you relax and feel good.  It is important to know how to make the most of your massage.  If possible, shower before you arrive and wear or bring warm, comfortable clothing for after your massage.  Do not feel you have to shave for me!  Your modesty is assured. Sheets and towels are used for draping.  Relax, breathe deeply and close your eyes.  Allow me to move your limbs as needed, try not to help - Focus on the body part being massaged - Be in the moment, realize the experience - Do not feel you have to make conversation - Do give your therapist feedback and ask questions - Your comfort is the overall objective - Hydrate yourself, increase your water intake both before and after your massage to obtain the ultimate cleansing relsuts - ENJOY!